RIBBING/HALSACKDA premier aliAs- på tungan på Dansstationen Paladium, Malmö: http://www.dansstationen.nu/Pages/Program/program2.html
Where the two choreograpers Emma Ribbing & Khamlane Halsackda are studiochoreographers in august & september 2010. This show is a collaboration with sounddesigner Silas Bieri: http://aboutsilas.blogspot.com/

aliAs- på G a site specific music & dance performance around a minibus in Malmöfestivalen. The performance will take place at four different places around the stages of the city festival. Please visit the following link for exact times and places: http://www.malmofestivalen.se/

14, 21 & 22 /08/10
Emma performs in Redemption song, a political dance and theatre pies in colaboration with Involver: http://www.involver.se
The show will premier on august 14th and future 21, 22/8 final date is september 11.
The show takes place on the roof of a car parc just behind Malmö central station: http://www.hitta.se/LargeMap.aspx?var=malm%F6+centralstation

05/04/10 Since April 2010 Emma And Khamlane Halsackda woks for the new creation aliAs. The project consists of different parts.
On their blogg you can find the latest artistic processes, photos and videos: http://ribbinghalsackda.wordpress.com/

Emma had a week residensy in Performing art forum Pa-f with RöRELSEN- Koreografer i Skåne: http://www.rorelsen.com/node/163

Emma Attended Kedja -Umeå:http://www.kedja.net/page.asp?page=7&id=53

3 & 8/03/10
Emma and Hege Waldeland tour Gubaidulina in the old Rubberfactory in Värnamo, and for Smålands Musik.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X80RBhrmOn4&feature=related

Emma is rehearsing and performing the new creation of Marcel Leemann.
Premier in Damfzentrale in Bern, CH
watch video:http://vimeo.com/10839380