Emma Ribbing freelance as a contemporary dancer, choreographer and teacher since 2000.
She graduated with distinction in contemporary dance and choreography at the London Studio Centre in 1999.
Since than she has been touring Europe, Asia, Australia and Mexico in everything from avantgard theatre to pop concerts, notably for choreographers such as: Rafael Bonachela, Henri Oguiqe, Gilles Jobin och Arthur Kuggeleyn.
At present she is part of Marcel Leemann physical dance Theatre that is based in Bern, CH.

Together with Khamlane Halsackd she formed last year the company RIBBING/HALSACKDA. They are based in Malmö but work extensively internationally. On the last link RIBBING/HALSACKDA you can find information about their current project aliAs and follow their work in progress.

Since 2009 she works for Danscentrum syd I Malmö where she is responsible of international residencies and booking of teachers for workshop and classes for professional freelance dancers.

2009 she became a member of the cooperative Rörelsen- koreografer i Skåne and the artistic director for the cooperatives yearly performing art festival in november.

Emma is also a member of the Suisse music lable In-discourse where she coolaborates with sound designer Silas Bieri. Their work merge performing art with music for concert, galleries and theatre.

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1999 Tango Tecken, London UK, 4 dancers, 30 min
2000 Going for Green, London UK, 10 dancers, 10 min
2003 T-shirt, Genève & Lausanne, CH 17 min
2004 älva 126.7 en performance, Lausanne CH, 20 min
2005 Il est où le prince charmant CH, Lausanne 55 min
2006 Fleurs bleues, Vevey CH, 30 min
2008 Mi$$ Maxxx in the Kichen en performance, Helsingborg SE, 15 min
2009 Fitness Fluxus, Jönköping SE, 35 min
2009 Gubaidulina, Malmö, SE 22 min
2009 He/She Body Not Indexed, & RIBBING/HALSACKDA, Malmö SE, 22 min
2009 Bedroom star & Daddy en konsert/performance, Bienne/ Genève CH 40 min