Together with Tractor d'Export Emma Ribbing formed last year the music and performance collaboration "Mostly HQ". In october 2009 they signed with Swiss music label In- discourse.

Mostly High Quality
From Sweden and Switzerland, two countries known for their high quality lifestyle, emerges this choreographic live experience suited for clubs and theatres. Dancer and Choreographer Emma Ribbing (SE) and musician and sound engineer S. Bieri (CH) invite you to participate in an orgy of noise!

More information about their last performance “Bedroom star” & “Daddy” see pictures on "Project page". For booking please visit:
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Emma practised the cello until the age of fourteen, after that she trained singing and voice for theatre. Her first professional experience was in Musicals from the age of sixteen. More reasently Emma has appeared in electro music concerts under the ironic pseudonym and diva “MI$$ Maxxx“. This character is developed with the actor and slam poetry-rapper Roberto Garieri and the musicians Davide DiSpirito and Patrice Quiquaz in Switzerland. Emma has still no distributed CD but you can listen to some songs on the following my space page:

Mostly High Quality
11.2009 (off) Sudpol, Luzern
10.2009 Espaces temporaries fetival Uniforme Geneva

Mi$$ Maxxx Concerts solo
11.2007 “Standars Delux“ soirée “Push up event“, Lausanne
05.2007 “Le Bourg“ soirée Lovegangsta records, Lausanne
06.2007 “Debienight au Strates“, Lausanne

Concerts with the Lovegangsa’s
08.2007 Festival “For Noice“, Pully
11.2006 La Romandie, Lausanne
09.2006 Espace Guinguette, Vevey
09.2006 Before “The Furious Five“, D Club, Lausanne

Concerts with Robert Roccobelly
05.2007 Before Princess Superstar, D club, Lausanne
04.2006 Cave de Bleu Lizard, Lausanne
12.2005 Festival “Les Urbaines“ D Club, Lausanne
12.2005 Festival Slide & Sound, Martigny
11.2005 Festival Supérette, Nauchatel