Emma Ribbing teaches professional contemporary classes based on Cunningham technique and floor release that initiates movements from the back and spine. Her classes help you to find efficiency in movements to ameliorate balance, jumps and falls. In the worm up she uses floor exercises to find fluidity and basic Pilates mat-work to find alignment and strength.

She also teaches Pilates classes based on “Bodycontroll pilates”. She does not obtein any Stot certificate. Her teaching is based on 12 years experiences in prevention of injuries through basic Pilates mat work.

All performances and choreography projects of Emma’s include simple repertoire that she uses to introduce contemporary dance to non- professionals. This can take place in a normal classroom and does not need any experience of dance and is adaptable to people of all ages or disabilities. The classes introduce an awareness of body and space, basic contact improvisation and composition of dance.

Individual coaching or classes in smaller gropes are available upon request.

Emma Ribbing have currently two project for "Skapande skola". This is a Swedish initiative to bring dance to elementary schools. In these project the children get to learn simple choreography from two of her choreographic work.

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